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School Visits


Kristin loves connecting with readers and is available for school visits! She can tailor an interactive Bearhaven presentation to any group size. Please get in touch about planning a time for your students to meet the author!






Kristin’s presentation on Secrets of Bearhaven was both informative and engaging. My fifth grade students came away inspired to read AND write. A few students have begun to write their own books!
— Marianne Broms, 5th grade teacher, Anne Sullivan School
Vernfield Elementary 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders were thrilled to experience K.E. Rocha’s Secrets of Bearhaven presentation! She had the students engaged from beginning to end. She started by sharing her writing process, explained her inspirations, taught us the bears’ language, Ragayo, and exemplified the importance of perseverance! Her thoughtful, patient approach to our students’ questions was greatly appreciated by our students and our teachers!
— Sue Mandia, 5th Grade Teacher, Vernfield Elementary
Kristin’s presentations got rave reviews from everyone from the School Director down to our youngest students. Kristin was engaging, entertaining and informative. She integrated audience participation beautifully and adjusted her presentation perfectly to suit the two age groups.
— Kim Hoeschel, Librarian, The Pilot School